The following is an excerpt from a Revelation called “The Sacred Life“. It describes the life you were meant to live. A pathway is given to live the sacred life – will you take it? Read the full Revelation here.


You are meant to live a sacred life—a life of purpose, meaning and direction. But the world is a hazardous place, and many people do not have the opportunity to assume a greater life due to poverty and oppression, religious oppression and family obligations. But for those who have this opportunity available to them at this moment, the calling is there, you see. The desire is there within you.

The Will of Heaven is all around you, but the world has many attractions, seductions and distractions. People are called away, and as is so often the case, they give their life away prematurely—in relationships, bonding themselves to people, places and things. This fills up the need temporarily, the need for the sacred life.

People fill up their life with necessities, afraid if they do not do this, there will be nothing for them. Driven by the fear of not having, they seek to have as much as they can until their arms are full and they can carry no more. They are too encumbered now by their own desires and insecurities to be able to receive the sacred life.

You have been sent into the world for a purpose. This purpose requires you to enter a new kind of life experience—a different state of mind, a different awareness of yourself and others and a different relationship with the world itself. To do these things is your destiny, you see, and destiny is everything. It is the most important thing. But people create their own destinies, or try to. The cultures they live in encourage them to do this, prescribe what must be done, what must be accomplished at a given age—when you should marry, to have family before you are ready, to fill your life up with all things that the culture or society prescribes. But God has another plan for you.

People think the sacred life is a monastic life, but this is not the case. For in almost all cases, people’s work is out in the world. That is where they must learn to live the sacred life. But to approach this life, there must be a yielding and a recognition that your attempts to fulfill yourself are fruitless and will not lead to success. This can be learned more quickly by recognizing objectively the lives of people around you—their successes, their failures and ultimately their disappointments. The world is demonstrating every form of error and misgiving. If you can see this, it will save you time. It will save you suffering. It will save you needless experimentation. It will save you grave disappointment. It will save you from giving your life away and then having to work very hard to reclaim it later on.

People are not willing to wait. They are driven by their cultures, their conditioning and their insecurity. Their time of recognition may be years away. What will they do between now and then? Can they wait? Can they build the Pillar of Work, the Pillar of Relationship, the Pillar of Health and the Pillar of Spiritual Development? For this is what your youth is for, you see. There is much to be done. There is great focus. There are important accomplishments. But people want the answer now. They are unwilling to live with the questions. But it is only living with the questions that brings the real answers to you in time. This takes self-confidence and self-trust and self-appreciation and the support of at least one wise companion to remind you and to warn you of your predispositions and errors.

You have a goal and a destiny, you see, but you must build the foundation for this destiny. You must build and cultivate the understanding and the awareness of this destiny and your need for it. For only Heaven can fulfill you in this world, and Heaven fulfills you by working through you, through the deeper power and presence within you, the power of Knowledge. Everything else is an expedient. Everything else is temporary and subject to grave change and disappointment.

You must find this sacred life. You start with yourself, within yourself, to find the source and center of your power and inner direction. You begin to disengage from those relationships and involvements that do not represent the deeper yearning of your heart. And you find the Revelation in the world that will ignite you, for you must be ignited by forces beyond yourself. You cannot ignite yourself.

The journey has stages. It has thresholds. It is not just an answer or a belief or a system of thought or adherence to an organization. Those things do not lead to a sacred life without this deeper reckoning.

There is a time of life when Heaven will call you. You need to be ready for this. You will need to make your life ready for this. That is your work, you see. Beyond your employment to support yourself and your basic responsibilities, this is your work. But if Heaven calls and you are not ready, it will create a great conflict within yourself, a great confusion, a great frustration, because you are not ready, you see. You have not built that foundation. You have not gained that awareness or done that inner reckoning or come to recognize that you are here for a greater purpose, that you cannot invent this for yourself or assume it from others and that you must have great patience and perseverance to prepare yourself for this.

Look at the world around you. Look at the rise and the fall of people. Look at the emptiness of success. Look at the restlessness and the loneliness. Look at the suffering and the addiction. Look at the shallowness of human communication and relationships. All this will remind you that you are meant for a sacred life. If you can see this without condemnation and without avoidance or rejection, you will see life demonstrating everything for you, demonstrating that these pursuits are hopeless and consuming.

What is this sacred life We speak of? It is a life where everything is important. Your time is important. Everything is done for a purpose and is purposeful. Even your moments of being carefree or in deep relaxation, they are purposeful too. The thousand simple pleasures of life, they are purposeful. In the sacred life, time is never wasted. It is precious. And you must be present for it and learn to be present for it continuously, in a state of inner listening, a state of observation of the world and a state of profound gratitude for the successes and the failures that you see there. For they remind you of the power of Knowledge and the need for Knowledge.

The sacred life has a strong foundation. The Four Pillars of life have been built sufficiently to give you stability so that you can learn greater things and be available for a greater engagement with the power and the presence of Knowledge within you and those Greater Powers in the universe sent by God, sent to assist you in your development.

Read the rest of “The Sacred Life” here.

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