How can it be that an intelligent person could live in a house of splendor and be so unhappy and so unfulfilled? Perhaps they should go live in a village somewhere in a poor part of the world without electricity, without supermarkets, without automobiles, without all the myriad of conveniences that they use and experience every day. Go live in the village which has none of these things and just begin to recognize that even under these far simpler and even impoverished circumstances there can be great joy and gratitude: gratitude for each meal, gratitude for the sunrise, gratitude for the caring and friendliness of another, gratitude that your mind is free to think and to reconsider your life, gratitude that your heart can beat without your trying to regulate it or even being aware of it, gratitude for the experience of nature and wildlife… Read more about true Joy and Gratitude


“We wish for you all to receive the joy that awaits you. In our world, there is joy. There are very few in this world who can contain the joy that we feel. We are not bound by what cannot succeed. We are not hopeless. We are not alone.” — Secrets of Heaven

“There is great joy. It lives within you and lives in your genuine relationships with others. This joy is born of gratitude, service and recognition. It is not the kind of joy one has by having immediate sensations of delight. It is more a joy that a miracle is happening in you life, and you are bearing witness to it. For all the work that must be done along the way, there are these moments of confirmation. That is what they are.” — Steps to Knowledge Continuation Training

“So, do not look at yourself personally and say, “Well, what do I want and how will it make me happy?” Look at the world and ask, “What does the world need and what can I give?” — Wisdom from the Greater Community

“If you are not experiencing joy and gratitude on a regular basis, you are disassociated from your real life and existence here, and you have let the trials of the world and your own disappointments in little things overtake you.” — Joy and Gratitude

“In today’s rush we all think too much, seek too much, want too much and forget about the joy of just Being.” — Eckhart Tolle


“Spiritual development leads to complete participation and contribution in the world. This provides a satisfaction and happiness that nothing else can.” — Living the Way of Knowledge

“Freedom is not necessarily exciting; it’s just free. Very peaceful and quiet, so very quiet. Of course, it is also filled with joy and wonder, but it is not what you imagine.” — Adyashanti

“The emergence of Knowledge within you will be the real miracle of your life and the saving grace of your life, and ultimately it will be the means through which you can provide for the real needs of humanity—at whatever level you are destined to serve here. It will be your joy and your fulfillment that you could give in this way, a joy and fulfillment that cannot be satisfied in any other way.” — The New Message from God

“People often think that spirituality is about being happy, peaceful and joyful all the time, turning life into a sort of slumber party. This is not true. Spirituality is not a form of escape. It is not a form of intoxication. It is not an aphrodisiac. It is a way to empower you by bringing you into contact with Spirit so that you may fulfill your purpose and your mission here.” — Greater Community Spirituality

“The goal is not happiness but preparation, readiness, contact, reunion and ultimately contribution to the world, wherever it may be appropriate for the individual. That is why the pursuit of happiness is so deceiving because the Revelation will make you uncomfortable. It will challenge you.” — The Initiation

“The question is not about being at peace and being happy. The question is about living the true life. This will give you inner peace. This will give you true happiness.” — The Turning Point

“If you want to know the joy of an activity, first and foremost is that you must know how to give yourself to the activity with total abandon.” — Sadhguru

“Do you want to know why you are really sad and depressed and why those emotions come to you? It is because you miss God. That is the reason for all unhappiness and it is also the seed of all joy.” — Wisdom from the Greater Community


“Look at all your comforts and conveniences and think of the people who created these so that you enjoy them. Be happy with what you have because you have so much already. Unless you are living in a state of extreme poverty, you have so much already. Look at your clothing. You have more than you need. You are rich….Be happy with what you have. Learn to recognize what you have. Deeply experience what you have as an antidote to this endless wanting and searching and yearning and all of the unhappiness, disappointment and aggravation that it brings to you.” — Joy and Gratitude

“Being happy is the natural result of being aligned with Spirit within yourself and of being close to those who are meant to be with you and close to that which you are meant to do. This is a deeper kind of happiness, a confirming kind of happiness, a happiness that resonates all through your life. It establishes a rightness with yourself, a sense of integrity and harmony despite whatever difficulties may be facing you in the moment.” — The New Message from God

“Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.” — Jesus Christ

“You are an individual unaware of your Source and your total inclusion in life. Your individuality is a burden now, but it will be a great happiness to you when it can express life itself.” — Steps to Knowledge

“So what about happiness? Happiness is of two varieties: There is the happiness in the moment, which is the result of fun and play and, on rare occasions, true recognition of another person. Then there is happiness of an enduring nature, which is born of your satisfaction that your life is truly engaged. It is perhaps not as spectacular a happiness. You do not go around laughing all day, but it abides with you. No matter what happens to you or to the world, you have found your place, you have found your way, and there is a very great certainty that your way will lead you on.” — Wisdom from the Greater Community

“Happiness and pleasure you can buy in any market at a price. But bliss you cannot buy for yourself or for another. Happiness and pleasure are time-binding. Only in total freedom does bliss exist. Pleasure, like happiness, you can seek, and find, in many ways. But they come, and go. Bliss that strange sense of joy has no motive. You cannot possibly seek it. Once it is there, depending on the quality of your mind, it remains timeless, causeless, and a thing that is not measurable by time.” — Jiddu Krishnamurti

“In isolation you are miserable, but in relationship happiness is regained.” — Steps to Knowledge

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Gratitude is something that can be experienced almost every minute if you are aware of the benefits of your life, however few they might be at any given time. Gratitude is a recognition of the giving of others and of the giving of life. It is a recognition of what you have right now. It is a recognition of the miracle of your existence. As you gain a greater understanding of your nature and purpose in the world, you will begin to experience what a marvel it is that you even made it this far given all the hazards along the way, given all the difficulty of entering this separated existence and all the work and coordination it took both from your friends beyond the world and your friends here… Read more of this special teaching called Joy and Gratitude.

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