The following is an excerpt of a chapter called “Your Purpose and Spiritual Calling” from the Relationships and Higher Purpose book. It is an incredible book that will change your life. This chapter and others can freely be read here.

You have come into the world for a purpose—to reclaim your Knowledge, to express your Knowledge and to establish genuine relationships with others. This is your purpose and everyone’s purpose here. Your calling is part of this. Your calling is where your greater work, born of your Knowledge, becomes evident. It is born of your preparation in Knowledge, it is born of your readiness for Knowledge and it is born of your marriage to Knowledge within yourself. This makes true marriage with others possible.

Your calling represents a specific set of tasks to be carried out in the world. This represents your life’s work. This cannot be born of your ideas to have any meaning. It must emanate from Knowledge within you. And you must be in a position to accept this—to accept the challenge of it, to accept what you may have to relinquish to receive it and to accept the benefits that it will most surely provide for you.

You have come into the world with a purpose. At a certain stage in your development, your calling in life will emerge. Before this emergence, you may have built great ideas about who you are in the world, what the world must be, what you must be, what you will do, what you will have and what others should do and so forth. Ideas like this at the outset can be helpful because they can keep your desire for the truth alive. However, eventually these ideas must give way to reality. Here your idealism dies so that Knowledge may emerge within you. This does not mean that hope dies. It merely means that hope now has a real foundation for its expression. It does not mean that your enthusiasm dies. It means that your enthusiasm has a genuine foundation in order to survive the conflicts and tribulations of the world.

You already have a commitment to being in the world. You are already committed to your Spiritual Family and to your Inner Teachers, who are the advanced members of your Spiritual Family. They are the members of your Spiritual Family who have graduated from learning in the physical reality. Now they must assist those who remain behind so that your Spiritual Family may move forward. Therefore, you already share a purpose with your Spiritual Family beyond the world. You already have marriage beyond the world, you already have commitment beyond the world and you already have a reality beyond the world. Your role is to bring all this into the world, for the world is a place where people have forgotten Knowledge, marriage, purpose and commitment. It is a place where people imagine who they are and imagine what they want.

You must have purpose in life because purpose is life. If you are committed to your ideas, that will be your purpose. If you are committed to your personal fulfillment, that will be your purpose. If you are committed to conflict, that will your purpose. If you are committed to avoiding painful experiences, that will be your purpose. You cannot be without purpose because you cannot be without meaning. All activity in the world is a search for meaning, which is a search for purpose and ultimately for relationship.

Alone you have no real purpose, meaning or direction. You have no real identity alone. However, as an individual expressing a Greater Reality, you do have purpose, meaning and direction. You exist within yourself, but you are not alone. You can only be alone in your imagination. You can only live alone in fantasy. As fantasy is recognized through its limitations and its inherent disappointments, a greater truth will emerge and you will see that you have a higher purpose in life already.

As your desire and capacity for experiencing Knowledge grow and expand, your calling in life will emerge. Here you will see that there is something specific for you to do. Here your shape and design become truly meaningful, for you can see how perfectly you are designed to accomplish what you came here to do. This leads to self-acceptance, for here you realize that you were specifically made for a task that you had not recognized before. This will end self-condemnation.

It is not necessary that you determine what your calling is although you will be tempted to do so. It will emerge naturally. When it does, it may not at all look like what you thought it was going to be. Real spiritual calling is rarely grand in its expression. Yet its essence is Knowledge, and therefore it provides meaning and value for others as well as for yourself.

Some people imagine that having a spiritual calling will establish them as a spiritual prince or princess, a prophet or a leader of great renown, a person of great psychic powers or a spiritual master. This is almost never the case. That is why there are no masters living in the world. Give up mastery. Give up these illusions. You will find that your true marriage, true purpose and true calling in life will be very simple. They will be geared towards who you really are and what you can really do. And you will be happy that what will be asked of you is what you will naturally want to provide, for you possess it already.

The rest of this chapter is freely available here.

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