Compassion is observing yourself without judgment, aligning yourself with the truth to the extent that you can experience it, being a direct participant in life, choosing what is true over what seems comfortable or accommodating to others and seeking truth over advantage. While others are repositioning themselves for advantage in times of change, you can abide with the truth and thus be free of the many adversities and calamities which befall those who seek to outwit life for their own personal advantage. Here you choose to follow the truth rather than seek gain and acquisition. Your reward will be lasting while others will fail, without seeming recourse or redress for their needs and their disappointments… Read more about having compassion for yourself and others in these difficult times.


“In stillness there is no blame or judgment.” — Steps to Knowledge

“Be prepared then during separation in a relationship, for you will be blamed to a certain degree, and there will be anger and resentment towards you. Perhaps some of it is justified.” — Relationships and Higher Purpose

“Why is forgiveness such a relief? Because it lets your mind open and relax. Why is forgiveness so difficult to accomplish? Because you are afraid to go beyond.” — Wisdom from the Greater Community

“You can blame many things, of course. You can blame culture. You can blame sinful attractions. You can blame the devil. You can blame God. You can blame a million things. But fundamentally it is because you are not being guided by Spirit.” — Nature and Natural Disasters

“It is a very common, ancient, well-perfected device for trying to feel better. Blame others….Blaming is a way to protect your heart, trying to protect what is soft and open and tender in yourself. Rather than own that pain, we scramble to find some comfortable ground.” — Pema Chodron


“Compassion arises naturally when you recognize the humanity and the reality of another person or a whole nation of people. If you find yourself having a critical or condemning attitude towards a nation of people or a group of people, you should go visit them and talk to them and hear about their experience and understand why their point of view has arisen given their circumstances and their history.” — The New Message from God

“Think about your relationship with God. Ask yourself: ‘… Have I blamed God for what has happened in my life?'” — Relationships and Higher Purpose

“You must take responsibility for your own suffering, accept your own suffering and learn from your own suffering without blame or a feeling of revenge upon others or life in general.” — Wisdom from the Greater Community

“Neither blame or praise yourself.” — Plutarch

“You can blame God for the fact that there are hurricanes. ‘Why did you create hurricanes?’ you may ask, but God only created the conditions under which hurricanes emerge. That was before there was any life in this world. But God did not create this hurricane to punish humanity. This is foolishness. This is ignorance.” — Nature and Natural Disasters

“You will have to become very observant, very objective and willing to face whatever is coming over the horizon. Otherwise, you will panic, and your life will be overtaken with tragic consequences. You may blame God for this, but God has been warning you all along through your experience, through your dreams, through your sensations and through your deeper emotions.” — What Will Save Humanity


“The ghosts will haunt your house as long as they are allowed to be there. And they will be there as long as you create a place for them.” — Steps to Knowledge Continuation Training

“Those who speak much are blamed, those who speak little are blamed. In this world there are none who are not blamed. Try not to blame.” — Buddha

“For [men and women of Knowledge], the world is something very different. Its tribulations are opportunities. Its conflicts represent its calling. Its difficulties and disasters represent its condition. There is no complaint and no blame here. There is only work to be done.” — Greater Community Spirituality

“The world does not need blame. It needs service. It needs truth. And above all, it needs Spirit.” — Steps to Knowledge

“You have come here to do something. If you do not do it, you will feel very confused and frustrated.This is difficult to comprehend because you tend to blame your circumstances for this frustration.” — Wisdom from the Greater Community

“The mind wants to determine causes, solutions and cast blame. Spirit just watches and waits.” — Marshall Vian Summers

“Often people will assume that they are going to be the therapist or the teacher for their partner. These relationships almost never succeed and are extremely costly because the giver will eventually feel taken advantage of and the receiver will be blamed for not meeting the giver’s expectations.” — Relationships and Higher Purpose

“If you judge the Messenger based upon ideas or your own projections of fear and blame, you will not see and you will not know.” — The Story of the Messenger

Many people talk about love saying, “Well, if you are loving, then this will happen, and your life will become more joyful, and people will respond to you more positively. If you are more loving, you will have a greater degree of friendship and companionship. If you are more loving, you will experience God more directly.”

The problem with this approach is that people cannot try to be loving. They try to be loving on top of their current experience, which often is not very loving. You cannot place a sentiment on top of your experience and hope that your sentiment will be successful. Love is an expression of your own Spirit. It is an expression of your True Mind… Read more about finding the true source of love within yourself.

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