Then there are people who give themselves to their health. They are extreme in their focus upon health. Perhaps their health is weak, and this is taking all of their attention. Or perhaps they want to be athletic and beautiful, and so they devote a major part of their life to their appearance and their athletic abilities, but this is often at the cost of the other Pillars in their life. So while they may be impressive in appearance, their mental health can be poor, their relationships can be weak and failing, they may have very little financial foundation in the world and very few skills because they have given themselves over to one Pillar primarily… Read more about living a balanced life in Building The Four Pillars of Your Life


“The body serves the mind, and the mind serves the Spirit. This is the true order of things, but it is not the order that you experience currently” — Relationships and Higher Purpose

“The body, made as a vehicle of separation to hide and mask you, becomes holy as it is shared for a holy purpose.” — Secrets of Heaven

“”Sexuality… serves two functions: First, it serves to regenerate the race, to provide a vehicle of entry for new life here—intelligent life like yourself. Secondly, it is a means of establishing deeper union through the body; it is a physical exercise to experience union. Beyond this, sexuality loses meaning very drastically. When you join your physical electromagnetic system—your body—to another, you are transferring energy to one another. We are not speaking of orgasm. We are speaking of uniting your physical vehicles. This has a very great impact on the body and a very great impact on the emotional self.” — Wisdom from the Greater Community

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” — The Buddha


“If your body is weak, if your body is out of shape, then it may not be able to sustain you as a vehicle in this world. Many promising people have fallen because their physical health was inadequate to sustain the life that they had assumed. Here again you must assess your strengths and your weaknesses. Everyone physically has weak links in their health. What are those weak links? Where is your body strong and where is it fragile? What must you eat that is proper for maintaining a strong constitution? You must exercise every day and find the time to do this.” — Building the Four Pillars of Your Life

“You will learn to share your body by recognizing the relationships that it contains. No longer will it be a prison house in which you think you live and die, but rather a temple where your loved ones come to join you in peace and matrimony.” — Secrets of Heaven

“Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.” — William Shakespear

“The reason that certain individuals are the seed of community is that they are experiencing community within themselves. Their body is no longer a hiding place for one being. It is a meeting ground now. Something is happening. The body is not a sanctuary for one; it is a temple for many. We call this community Spiritual Family.” — Wisdom from the Greater Community, Chapter 13

“The need for sexual reproduction can have a dominant force on people, and bond them to those with whom they have no true purpose.” — Steps to Knowledge Continuation Training

“Every man is the builder of a Temple called his body, nor can he get off by hammering marble instead.” — Henry David Thoreau

“Your body is a beautiful instrument. It is marvelous in what it can do. But its real value is determined by what it serves. If it serves a conflicted agenda of the mind, then the body will do destructive things to itself and to other bodies in the world around you.” — The New Message from God

“The purpose of the body is not to be beautiful. It is to be an instrument of communication, to be a vehicle and to participate in a physical world in a physical reality. Like an automobile, if it can get you where you need to go, it has done its job.” — Living the Way of Knowledge

“If the body be feeble, the mind will not be strong.” — Thomas Jefferson

“Too much adversity, not good. Not enough adversity, not good. We need a certain amount of stress and outer resistance to maintain our physical and mental strength. Spirit can then move more freely within you if you have this strength.” — Marshall Vian Summers


“Because any dysfunction, mental or physical, is part of your total life here, it cannot be isolated and separated out. If you wish to address a chronic problem, you must address your entire life. But because addressing your entire life is a far greater quest than most people are willing or desiring to undertake, they merely wish to address the symptoms of the discomfort and erase them as quickly and as easily as possible.” — Wisdom from the Greater Community, Chapter 31

“When does your life become really important, not just to secure pleasures and advantages and avoid difficulties, but really to accomplish something that you know you are here to accomplish? Then if you are ill, even seriously ill, you have the commitment to change your life, to alter your habits and involvements with others if necessary. You are going to focus on moving forward rather than succumbing to the conditions of the moment.” — The New Message from God

“The body is not a permanent dwelling, but a sort of inn which is to be left behind when one perceives that one is a burden to the host.” — Seneca

“Eat well. Get enough sleep. Have daily exercise. Engage with the right people. Follow what you know. And keep asking for Knowledge. If you engage with the wrong people, it will undermine your health and well-being and will bring you back into confusion and disorientation. Follow what is simple and understood. Perhaps you have said to yourself, ‘I know I shouldn’t do this,’ or ‘I know I should do that.’ Go do it. Do what you know. Why hesitate? What are you waiting for? Do not wait until a crisis occurs. Do not wait until a little problem has become a big problem. There is much you know already that you need to do to maintain your body and to have greater health mentally. Do those things. Do not ask for more. For you cannot use more until you use what you have today.” — Living the Way of Knowledge

“If your health is weak or has been neglected or faces serious problems, you must deal with this on both a mental and a physical level. This constitutes a great deal of the work of preparing yourself for a greater purpose in life. People who do not do this work will fail, and their failure will be very consequential for them and for others who are meant to be with them.” — Love and Relationships

“Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos—the trees, the clouds, everything.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

“Then, if there is illness, accident or injury, you will simply find what is needed to make the adjustments or the repairs that are necessary so that you can keep going because you have somewhere to go and you have something to do. Then these things will not be exaggerated, these things will not be overemphasized, and these things will not dominate your life and attention. And though you may have aches and pains as you proceed, you will continue, and you will fulfill your destiny here.” — Living the Way of Knowledge


Life Force is an energy which exists in all living things. This is a familiar idea to many who read these words. However, in the Greater Community, Life Force has a greater value. It is an actual power that is cultivated, used and developed by certain races for certain purposes. Because there are adept individuals in all societies throughout the Greater Community, there are always demonstrations of greater skill, greater awareness and greater ability… Learn more about the opportunities and dangers involved with cultivating Life Force.


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