You are entering a new world—a world of environmental change, a world of violent weather, a world that is unpredictable, a world that will be unbalanced, with great political and economic difficulties. Nations will be shaken by revolution, and national economies will fail. It is the outcome of many forces at work that have been at work for some time. The wise can foresee this. For everyone else, it will be a great shock—the shock of the future… Read more about the shock of the future. Are you prepared?

“There is a great deal of work to be done to restore and to renew your environment and to establish a sustainable relationship with it. Here you take from it what you need and you give back to it what it requires. This balance can be attained and must be attained if humanity is to have a future, for certainly without this balance, your future is in great jeopardy. Either you will perish by your own poisoning of the environment or others will come to displace you.” — Wisdom from the Greater Community

“God is calling you to respond, both within yourself and to the signs of the world. To see the signs, you must be looking and paying attention, not just here and there, but continuously. Like the birds in the air and the animals in the field, you are watching your environment. Just like them, you have a great need to do this.Everything you value—your future, the people you care about, even your own life—will depend upon this. It is not looking with fear. It is not living in a state of trepidation. It is looking with clear eyes, with the power and the presence of Spirit.” — The Shock of the Future

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” — Mahatma Gandhi

There is a growing concern about the environment in which you live, the natural environment. This, of course, is important because this is the context in which you live. “But the environment is far more important than most people realize. It is important not only for your well-being and your future, it is important in terms of understanding the Greater Community. You see, in the Greater Community, environment is considered the most important thing. It is not something that you use, and then after it has been misused, you worry about it a little bit. Environment is the most important thing. It is seen as the absolute, fundamental context for survival and creation and a model for education itself.” — Entering the Greater Community


“Humanity is degrading the world at a frightening pace, diminishing the wealth of the world and its productivity for the future. This of course is known to many though humanity as a whole and the governments of the world still remain heedless. The needs of the moment overtake the preparation for the future. The preoccupations of lesser matters obscure the needs of greater things.” — The New Message from God

The present urgency is to begin thinking within the context of the whole planet, the integral earth community with all its human and other-than-human components.” — Thomas Berry

“You cannot yet appreciate how beautiful your world is, how much it possesses and what a rare jewel it is in a Greater Community of barren worlds and empty space. Worlds such as yours are rare indeed. Most places in the Greater Community that are inhabited now have been colonized, and technology has made this possible. But worlds such as yours where life has evolved naturally, without the aid of technology, are far more rare than you might realize.” — Allies of Humanity

“…the upsurge of Spirit is the only plausible way to stop the ecological destruction of our planet. Even people who have no interest in a communal solution to the distortions in our lives will have to face up [to] this ecological reality. Unless we transform our relationship with nature, we will destroy the preconditions for human life on this planet.” — Rabbi Michael Lerner

“The greatest threats to even the most established nations in the universe are: the loss of resources, biological contamination and environmental collapse. These three things affect the behavior of stable and evolved nations more than anything else.” — Life in the Universe

“Honor the world because without your judgment you will realize it is a place of grace, a place of beauty and a place that blesses you as you learn to bless it.” — Steps to Knowledge

“A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt

“You are entering a new world—a degraded world, a world of diminishing resources and productivity, a world whose deteriorating condition will have the greatest impact upon the lives of people everywhere and the circumstances they will have to contend with. This is casting a dark future for their children. They are stealing from their children. They are robbing their children of a safe and secure future.” — The New Message from God


“God is not managing the world. God is not creating the catastrophes, the storms, the earthquakes, the floods, the droughts. God is watching to see how humanity will deal with a world it has changed—a new world, a new and unpredictable world.” — The Recitation

“To be in an environment like this requires constant adaptation and constant problem solving. It is not easy. And while the world is beautiful and magnificent, it is also hazardous and difficult, placing great requirements on all intelligent creatures who live here, on all biological entities, but particularly upon those who are self-aware and who are aware of the future and the past. The fact that your life here is temporary and that your physical vehicle is temporary, as you experience being in the world, this places a further burden on you—a psychological burden now, and a great anxiety about the possibility of future difficulty and even the loss of your life. This is not a punishment from God, but it does represent what life means if you are living apart from God, if you are living in Separation.” — Nature and Natural Disasters

“The forces of the world—the geologic and biological forces—were set in motion at the beginning of time. They are moving on their own. The degree to which humanity has upset the Earth’s delicate balance will produce great events and is producing great events even at this moment.” — The Shock of the Future

“Many people today have lost sight of the utter dependence they have on their environment to provide them the bare essentials of life—food, water, shelter and clothing—and to make possible all of the conveniences and benefits they enjoy, to whatever extent these things are available to them.” — The New Message on the Environment

“We’re in a giant car heading towards a brick wall and everyones arguing over where they’re going to sit” — David Suzuki

“Humanity’s overuse and abuse of the world is now changing the natural balance, and this change is not in your favor. And even at this moment, nations and peoples do not seem to comprehend the magnitude of what is happening. People do not want to give up their privileges.” — Nature and Natural Disasters

“Humanity has forgotten what it owes to the world. It comes as a thief, not as one who comes to a marriage. It comes to take and to exploit. It comes to pillage. And thus it has to face the ruin of its consequences.” — The Retribution

“While everything appears to be normal in these days, Great Waves of change are coming to the world—change on a level never seen before, change that will affect every person in the world. Greater than the world wars, it will be. Greater than the great pandemics of the past will it be. Great Waves of change, as humanity has plundered the world and has destroyed your natural inheritance to such a great degree that the world will change now, becoming a more difficult place for the human family.” — The Race to Save Human Civilization


“Nature shrinks as capital grows. The growth of the market cannot solve the very crisis it creates.” — Vandana Shiva

“At this moment, humanity, like an adolescent, is giddy with its own power, thinking that it has the ability to transcend the natural world, to create an environment not subject to the forces of nature. But this is not true. And you are experiencing, even at this moment, the powerful response, the powerful reaction of natural law to human abuse and human irresponsibility, and the results are tragic.” — Nature and Natural Disasters

“To reenchant nature is not merely to gain a new perspective for its integrity and well-being; it is to throw open the doors to a deeper level of existence.” — Alister E. McGrath

“Your planet is getting warmer. Hotter. Drier. It is driving change. The world will change to a new kind of balance, but it will not be a balance that will be favorable to the human family. And the only way to alter this and to prevent this outcome would be a radical change in human behavior and activity and governance, which are unlikely to happen any time soon.” — Nature and Natural Disasters

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The world is driven by powerful geologic and biologic forces. They were set in motion at the beginning of the physical Universe. God has set them in motion to operate on their own, moving in a certain direction. Humanity has had to endure violent weather, droughts, floods, pestilence—all manner of things because this is all part of living within a changing environment governed by physical laws & natural laws. Entirely different this is from your Ancient Home, from which you have come and to which you will return… Read more about nature and natural disasters.

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